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Sharing Idea's Easily & Accurately

An introduction to our feedback process
February 16, 2018
Udi Okoh

Feedback can be described as any helpful information or criticism of a particular experience. This information is usually given with the aim of improving or adjusting that particular experience. Feedback can also be used to make better informed decisions in regards to strategy.

Design  involves a lot of human interaction. People connect to the thought process of designers when using services or products. Without feedback, this connection tends to be one sided as users can’t relay their experiences back to the designer. The long term effects of this can be negative.

At ES, we value feedback and are constantly seeking to improve the services we offer our clients. This is why we’ve included a feedback channel into our design process. Below is a short guide on how to give feedback with the designs we create for you. 

Step 1: Open the feedback page to your design by clicking the link or open in a new browser from the email we send.

Step 2. View and access your designs. You can view comments by clicking on the coloured dots you see when you hover over an image. 

Step 3: Share your thoughts by clicking on any part of the image and typing in your comments.Try to be as descriptive as a possible (no word limit).

Step 4: When you are done commenting. Press the ENTER key and this automatically saves your feedback and notifies us as well. You should also add your profile details so we know exactly who is commenting.