Terminal by ES

In 2017, Africa's largest economy had over 40 million MSMEs.
Records show that only 1.8% of these businesses had a website.

The growth of Africa's economy will ultimately be determined by the success of her MSMEs. In Nigeria for example, MSME's account for over 85% of employment and approximately 50% of GDP. Faced with infrastructural deficiencies and lack of adequate working capital (<$273 USD), the most effective way for an African MSME to succeed, is to move online.

However, getting a tailored website can be very costly and complex for MSMEs in Africa. These challenges prompt a lot of MSMEs to operate mainly via social media, meaning they have to manually accept payments, record sales, collect customer data and manage inventory. Spending time on such tasks, make it difficult for business owners to operate effectively, as they spend a lot of time on repetitive activities.

Terminal is a product we created to solve this problem by offering affordable branded websites and related services. Our product combines the use of multiple APIs e.g. Paystack, Stripe, Rave, Heroku, Webflow, Mailchimp, Twilio etc., in a way that makes it easy for an African business to transition its operations online.

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